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Update: From the creator and owner of Leigh’s App Reviews

Good evening Our Loyal Readers, Subscribers and prospective viewers,

Before we continue our posts , here is an update on our status. Last year, 2013) has been a  changing year: a lot of learning of new technologies on our end.  A change in jobs  can do that. We have transitioned to a corporate environment where although the technical  issues remain the same( for some areas), the scale is a lot larger. The effects and impacts are heavier and the consequences of screwing up. Yes. you got it, Graver.

We are gaining experience in more advanced technologies with the greatest hope to succeed. We jumped from Windows 7 and MS Suite 2007 into Windows 8  and MS Suite 2010 and all the mayhem that entails.  And We are so proud of  this.  We jumped from hardly using Outlook 2003 to creating actions to ease the hundreds of incoming emails in Outlook 2010. 2013 has been a great year for us and we thank you for all of your support.


What better way to start off  our 2014 than with our follow-up post on Surviving in the Workplace(Multi-Part) Series.  See you next time.




Back to School 2

In the first Back to School Feature, I covered security software and some for maintenance. Continuing on, I’ll now tell you about some homework help resources.

Plagerism Software:
Finding a quality plagerism software which is free in terms of cost is not easy but I present  to you the needle in the haystack:

Viper Plagerism Detector located at ScanMyEssay is the best I’ve come across thus far. As I state on my other website,

“This is one of the Best I’ve seen. NOTE: Please also use whichever plagerism detector that your specific university/college/school has specified . Since however, you can’t be too careful as far as plagerism is concerned I would highly recommend you also take a look at it.”

With that said though, I had to admit that it also aided me in fixing a portion of my work where I had apparently unintentionally plagerized. (Great minds think alike. I thought.) This software was able to locate the work and give me the website where it was located so I could have documented properly.

Thanks to this software, I signed my non-plagerism agreement with confidence and passed the plagerism test done by the university.

An advisory before moving on to homework forums:
Please do not go there expecting your work to be done and given back to you. In addition to it not happening, you will lose credibility with the community and anyone who can give you a credible answer won’t. Professional peruse these forums and you have to make your question (and understanding of the matter) worthwhile for them to answer. Cite any links or books that  you have tried.

Now, without further delay: Homework Forums

Y! Question and Answers Computer and Internet Forum
As with all forums its a give and take. Answers questions as best as you can and ask questions as sensible as you can. Asking and answering questions requires you to be a member of Yahoo seeing that it’s a product/service from Yahoo.

Help needed with Tech support issues etc? Check out the forum below.

This forum in short is a network of I.T, Development and Business Professionals. Use this resource wisely. I would advise that you use this forum to give your simulated/ generated real-world projects the proper realI-world feel and support. Although I’ve never asked a question here, it was highly recommended and also it has given me invaluable help in not progressing my projects but improving my growth as well, post studies.

In closing I hope that this will help someone, somewhere in having an awesome start to school, college or university

Back to School

As the new school term starts, I reflect on the software needs of students. These software that I’ll be introducing in a few minutes are either free, are freeware or have a free version. These software range from security to maintenance to help with homework. Although the list is not exhaustive, I have used most of these and the rest have come highly recommended. Let’s begin..


Avast Anti Virus
This a good, free anti-virus that I have personally used for quite some time. It can be downloaded from the website here: Free Avast

AVG Anti Virus
This goodie, was one of my first free antivirus that didn’t take up a whopping portion of my hard drive and memory for it to function effectively. Feel free to get it here at AVG.com

Here lies a great malware protector for your system. There is a free version and there is a paid version to this. My experience has been very pleasant with this product. Enjoy a pleasant experience at Malwarebytes.org

Zone Alarm Firewall
Moving on to firewalls, I’ve learn to love Zone Alarm Free Firewall. Looking for protection from hackers and other internet attacks? Visit Zone Alarm . The producers of Zone Alarm also carry a great line of trials and of course paid versions.

Spybot Search and Destroy (S&D)
This spyware protector will keep your system safe from spyware. It goes as far down as root kits and registry to find the pesky problem. Take a look at Spybot S&D .


Piriform Product Range
Meet the  producers of CCleaner. Free software maintenance suite for your system. Enjoy Piriform

TuneUp Utilities
This software, although a 15 day trial is one of the best I’ve seen thus far. Here’s to toast to one of the greats.

That’s all for now, Be viewing Back to School Part 2. I’ll tell you about plagerism software and where you can get help with your homework. Please note that these homework help resources WILL NOT do your homework for you. You have to show that you are capable of attempting the task at hand, Even if its totally wrong. …