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The Power of Portable Applications (Portable Apps)

We all know and love our browsers, Office Applications and other useful software. How would you like the opportunity to carry  around your favourite applications anywhere you go?  You can have the best software to support your projects wherever you go and not pay a cent. How awesome is that?!   That is the power you wield when you use Portable Applications.

Portable Applications can be found under various categories (Please note that by accessing any of the following links you abide by my disclaimer):

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GIMP- The GNU Image Manipulation Program

This software can be likened to a single layer, free version of Photoshop®. Each tool option presents one function unlike in Photoshop where most if not all of the tool  option has more than function. In my opinion, it is a cross-platform software since it caters for both an open-source OS and for Windows as well.

Animations are simpler to make and Tutorials are as abundant as those for Photoshop. Free brushes can also be sourced and free fonts.

You can download a copy of it here.
(PS Please remember to download the correct version)

My experience with is has been an awesome journey so far and that’s about it for now