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I am an I.T Professional with a little over 10 years in Computing. I love programming, learning new programming languages, learning new languages (I would like to become multilingual), providing technical and help desk support.

Update: From the creator and owner of Leigh’s App Reviews

Good evening Our Loyal Readers, Subscribers and prospective viewers,

Before we continue our posts , here is an update on our status. Last year, 2013) has been a  changing year: a lot of learning of new technologies on our end.  A change in jobs  can do that. We have transitioned to a corporate environment where although the technical  issues remain the same( for some areas), the scale is a lot larger. The effects and impacts are heavier and the consequences of screwing up. Yes. you got it, Graver.

We are gaining experience in more advanced technologies with the greatest hope to succeed. We jumped from Windows 7 and MS Suite 2007 into Windows 8  and MS Suite 2010 and all the mayhem that entails.  And We are so proud of  this.  We jumped from hardly using Outlook 2003 to creating actions to ease the hundreds of incoming emails in Outlook 2010. 2013 has been a great year for us and we thank you for all of your support.


What better way to start off  our 2014 than with our follow-up post on Surviving in the Workplace(Multi-Part) Series.  See you next time.




Search Companion missing search box

This contents of this article will not be possible had it not been for “soonerhoosier” of and “Nikolai Kolev” of

My Search Companion only shows the character but no text or search box. Help!

As far as I know, this malfunction can be caused by different software. It may be a game or an anti-virus that has crashed or some other application. I discovered this issue one day on a Windows XP SP3 Operating System and was taken aback by seeing just the character and no search box. After a quick search, the solution was found.

Saving Search Companion

The following are the steps needed to solve this issue. (NB: Click means Left Click and all windows should be closed):

1. Click on Start

2. Click on Run…

3. A box will appear like this one:





4. Type in the following commands one by one, clicking ok and repeating the process from 1. for the remaining two commands.

regsvr32 wshom.ocx
regsvr32 jscript.dll
regsvr32 urlmon.dll

5. When you have entered your last command, try doing a search. Voila!! the search box is now present.


Search Companion vs Windows Search

These two search aides can be found on any Windows  Operating System (’98 and Up). (On latter versions,Windows Search  is the default search application). Being a child of the late ’80’s , I would spend time playing with the Search Companion Character and it was my best friend for finding files.

Introducing Windows Search

After quite a number of years using Search Companion, I was introduced to Windows Search. Windows Search carried some odd options for the task I wished to carry out. There were various places to search for the file. However it seemed that there was never the right place in the drop down listing and no option to browse further afield. Additionally, it never brought back the kind of results I wished to find.

Search Companion, Found

I felt relieved when a little scroll downwards revealed the saviour of my sanity, my friend, the Search Companion. Quickly manipulating the options, I was able to locate the files I needed and make necessary changes.

Perhaps in time I will grow to understand Windows Search but for the mean time, Search Companion is it.