About the Author/Expertise:

  • Holder of a  BSc in Business Computing, Upper Second Class Honours.
  • Certified as an I.T Professional since 2010 but have been dealing with computing continuously for over 10 years.
  • Knowledgeable in the following OS:
    Windows 98, Windows XP SP2 and SP3, Windows Vista and well acquainted with Windows 7. I am well acquainted with the following browsers:IE6 and up,Firefox 3.6 and up & Google Chrome v10 and up.
  • Skillset:
    Content Management, Website Design and Development, Database Design and Development,Powerpoint Creation and Formatting, Professional Email communication, Amateur publication designer (programmes for events) and growing
  • Current Interests:
    PHP, working on and with software applications; exploring new software

About the Blog 

Leigh’s Application Adventure was born on July 13th, 2010 with my first post “Introduction About  Application Usage”.  This post however was officially created one day earlier, on another (now defunct) blog of the same name.

My initial posts contained reviews on software I had used during and after my studies. As I learnt more about technology and various applications, Leigh’s Application Adventure evolved with the introduction of technology articles and how-to segments. In Early November 2012, Leigh’s Application Adventure was renamed  “Leigh’s App Reviews”

What’s so different from all the other Review and Technology Blogs?

  • You will notice that the how-to segments that are done, are for the most part, simplified versions of existing tutorials .
  • These tutorials are usually created from compiling information from various resources (including my own experience).
  • I have personally used the software/ applications that are reviewed and my Opinions given on tech news are based in  existing and new  understanding of the presented information.
  • I will never suggest the use of something if I have not used it before.

Should you wish to contact me, feel free to use the Contact Page to do so.