The Power of Portable Applications (Portable Apps)

We all know and love our browsers, Office Applications and other useful software. How would you like the opportunity to carry  around your favourite applications anywhere you go?  You can have the best software to support your projects wherever you go and not pay a cent. How awesome is that?!   That is the power you wield when you use Portable Applications.

Portable Applications can be found under various categories (Please note that by accessing any of the following links you abide by my disclaimer):

  1. Accessibility (Mnemosyne Portable );
  2. DevelopmentXAMPP – portable server);
  3. Education Mnemosyne Portable – flash card memorization);
  4. Graphics ( GIMP Portable – Photo/ Image Editor and image creator;
  5. Internet (Opera, Portable Edition  – Portable Browser);
  6. Music & Video (CoolPlayer+ Portable  and  InfraRecorder Portable);
  7. The Ever Present and Necessary Office ( Portable  and  Foxit Reader Portable (Freeware));
  8. Security ( ClamWin Portable – Antivirus ,  Eraser Portable – Secure file deletion) and Utilities ( 7-Zip Portable – similar to WinZip File Compressor and Archiver).

There are a whole lot more useful portable software available for use. Enjoy them, wield them well and remember:

Great power involves great responsibility
~Franklin D. Roosevelt~

Hold on. One more thing,

Although optional, I will encourage users of  these applications, if and when they are able to make a donation to assist the developers with the continuous development and support of these excellent software.



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