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Show Hidden Files on Desktop

Another one for my Yahoo Q&A Forum contributions

After some research I found this  solution (see the 1st link below). This solution does not tell you the location of the files (via command prompt) but I will help you there.

Concerning the link: you can use a variation of the command first. The command is (without quotes)
attrib –s –h –r foldername/filename” . Please see link 2 for what each letter means.

My part of the solution:
1. Go to Start and Click on Run
2. Type in cmd.exe
3. You need to use this format (minus quotes) -” cd [Drive:]\[Folder]\[Sub Folder]”
example: ” cd C:\Users\User\Desktop” would be how I access my desktop files through command prompt. It may vary with yours

That command will carry you to the desktop folder.

4. Now type in (minus quotes):- “attrib”

you will see the list of files on your desktop, the hidden files will have an H infront of them. Check to ensure that none of these are not system hidden files (SH) such as .ini files. Do not attempt to remove any attribute of these files.

5: Finally type in(minus quotes) = “–s –h –r foldername

example: attrib -s -h -r Faires will remove 3 attributes including the hidden attribute of the Faires folder

Refresh your desktop and voila, all your hidden files. After you have made visible all of your folders please change the Directory back to what was originally there using “cd C:\Users\User” or whatever you had here initially

Apologies for the length but it is necessary. Hope this helps