Back to School 2

In the first Back to School Feature, I covered security software and some for maintenance. Continuing on, I’ll now tell you about some homework help resources.

Plagerism Software:
Finding a quality plagerism software which is free in terms of cost is not easy but I present  to you the needle in the haystack:

Viper Plagerism Detector located at ScanMyEssay is the best I’ve come across thus far. As I state on my other website,

“This is one of the Best I’ve seen. NOTE: Please also use whichever plagerism detector that your specific university/college/school has specified . Since however, you can’t be too careful as far as plagerism is concerned I would highly recommend you also take a look at it.”

With that said though, I had to admit that it also aided me in fixing a portion of my work where I had apparently unintentionally plagerized. (Great minds think alike. I thought.) This software was able to locate the work and give me the website where it was located so I could have documented properly.

Thanks to this software, I signed my non-plagerism agreement with confidence and passed the plagerism test done by the university.

An advisory before moving on to homework forums:
Please do not go there expecting your work to be done and given back to you. In addition to it not happening, you will lose credibility with the community and anyone who can give you a credible answer won’t. Professional peruse these forums and you have to make your question (and understanding of the matter) worthwhile for them to answer. Cite any links or books that  you have tried.

Now, without further delay: Homework Forums

Y! Question and Answers Computer and Internet Forum
As with all forums its a give and take. Answers questions as best as you can and ask questions as sensible as you can. Asking and answering questions requires you to be a member of Yahoo seeing that it’s a product/service from Yahoo.

Help needed with Tech support issues etc? Check out the forum below.

This forum in short is a network of I.T, Development and Business Professionals. Use this resource wisely. I would advise that you use this forum to give your simulated/ generated real-world projects the proper realI-world feel and support. Although I’ve never asked a question here, it was highly recommended and also it has given me invaluable help in not progressing my projects but improving my growth as well, post studies.

In closing I hope that this will help someone, somewhere in having an awesome start to school, college or university


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