Back to School

As the new school term starts, I reflect on the software needs of students. These software that I’ll be introducing in a few minutes are either free, are freeware or have a free version. These software range from security to maintenance to help with homework. Although the list is not exhaustive, I have used most of these and the rest have come highly recommended. Let’s begin..


Avast Anti Virus
This a good, free anti-virus that I have personally used for quite some time. It can be downloaded from the website here: Free Avast

AVG Anti Virus
This goodie, was one of my first free antivirus that didn’t take up a whopping portion of my hard drive and memory for it to function effectively. Feel free to get it here at

Here lies a great malware protector for your system. There is a free version and there is a paid version to this. My experience has been very pleasant with this product. Enjoy a pleasant experience at

Zone Alarm Firewall
Moving on to firewalls, I’ve learn to love Zone Alarm Free Firewall. Looking for protection from hackers and other internet attacks? Visit Zone Alarm . The producers of Zone Alarm also carry a great line of trials and of course paid versions.

Spybot Search and Destroy (S&D)
This spyware protector will keep your system safe from spyware. It goes as far down as root kits and registry to find the pesky problem. Take a look at Spybot S&D .


Piriform Product Range
Meet the  producers of CCleaner. Free software maintenance suite for your system. Enjoy Piriform

TuneUp Utilities
This software, although a 15 day trial is one of the best I’ve seen thus far. Here’s to toast to one of the greats.

That’s all for now, Be viewing Back to School Part 2. I’ll tell you about plagerism software and where you can get help with your homework. Please note that these homework help resources WILL NOT do your homework for you. You have to show that you are capable of attempting the task at hand, Even if its totally wrong. …



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