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Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion, so now what? | TechRepublic

Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion, so now what? | TechRepublic.

Hey everyone,

Was this a shocker for you guys or were you expecting it?

Please note: In this Article MS= Microsoft

I suspected that sooner or later the giant was going to swoop down and grab all the lands. Kind of hoping that it was Mac instead though. 🙂

According to the article, “Microsoft is likely to keep the status quo with Skype’s current consumer service, with only minimal changes.”. But my question is, for how long? One of the major advantages I believe Skype had was how much it offered for free. Is that now going to change seeing the MS has taken over?

Lots of people like to hide behind percentages (%) when dealing with finances but it seems that in business, there’s a hide and go seek term as well, cloaked under the innocuous “minimal changes”.

A minimal change can be changing a paid service to free or a free service to paid.

A minimal change can be that instead of having a major release every  4 months and updates every month. Updates and  new releases required every month otherwise your program is disabled.

I really and truly hope the the changes are as innocuous as the terms it’s hidden behind.