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After completing the registration process for Skype, (it wasn’t easy to locate a proper name  that didn’t have any numbers though), I proceeded to start the installation process. This process was completed without issue. On first launch, its performance shined against the poor performance, that within recent times (last couple months) I had been experiencing  from Messenger.

Despite having only used the instant messaging service, I am impressed with Skype’s ability to keep me connected throughout my long conversations. Even when my internet connection falters, I experience no significant loss-of-connectivity symptoms (i.e. lagginess when typing etc).

Happy to say that I have no crashes to report and no significant performance issues in cases where no conversation has taken place over the period of an hour or two.

Particular Likes
I particularly like the feature it carries where you can locate persons by name or email address or other criteria. This I believe to be quite a useful feature for locating family and friends.
This ends my review on Skype for now.

Image courtesy emey87


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