Upcoming Reviews

Just dropping by to tell you what I’m currently reviewing.

First there is WAMPServer which is behaving great on my system, SO FAR. Apache/MySQL/php seems to all be behaving.

And then I’ve recently gotten Skype.

Still reviewing those but in the mean time I’m going to take a step back to some other great software that may be of interest.

I call it my free-mini Dreamweaver and people take it for just another I-got-it-with-the-system-software

Also I’m hoping to cover some of the best security software that I’ve come across.

That’s about all for now.




2 thoughts on “Upcoming Reviews

  1. Wamp 2.i is the version I have as the newer version is buggy and realy not user friendly when making websites as most hosts are using older php setups so the older 2.i is more stable you can find it on tehre souceforce download section.

    Skype, well really thats been out for years and is now on most cell/mobile devices but I guess you need to start your reviews somewhere but i would say try and find software that as only been out for lets say 6 months tops and litte harder for new commers to find this wil make reviews way better and you might also get some good websties asking you to review them in the long run.

    Like I said before good luck.

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