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After completing the registration process for Skype, (it wasn’t easy to locate a proper name  that didn’t have any numbers though), I proceeded to start the installation process. This process was completed without issue. On first launch, its performance shined against the poor performance, that within recent times (last couple months) I had been experiencing  from Messenger.

Despite having only used the instant messaging service, I am impressed with Skype’s ability to keep me connected throughout my long conversations. Even when my internet connection falters, I experience no significant loss-of-connectivity symptoms (i.e. lagginess when typing etc).

Happy to say that I have no crashes to report and no significant performance issues in cases where no conversation has taken place over the period of an hour or two.

Particular Likes
I particularly like the feature it carries where you can locate persons by name or email address or other criteria. This I believe to be quite a useful feature for locating family and friends.
This ends my review on Skype for now.

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WampServer 2.1 (month 1)

Ok. I have been using WAMPServer 2.1 for about a month now. For those that are not aware WAMP stands for Windows Apache/MySQL/Php

How  did I come about choosing an all-in-one setup when compared to individual installations?
Although, yes, it is a safer, easier route to take, I initially did not follow that route (I didn’t even know that it existed). After using many dozens of tutorials (albeit fruitlessly) in an attempt to install php as a service under IIS v5.1. I decided that I was better off installing Apache first. This however also ended in heartache as well, when at first launching Apache popped up an error message. What was worst was that after about two weeks of searching for a solution, there seemed to be no viable solution for my issue. On my final hunt, someone recommeded WampServer. After doing research into system specifications, reviews (user and otherwise), known issues etc, I decided to give it a try.
Why did I choose WampServer?
Besides being an all in one  solution (therefore I wouldn’t have to deal with compatibility issues between componentsmeeting the requirments, I was impressed with their support system and the high level of resolves I saw. I could also run it along side my existing IIS Server  as a normal application that I can start and exit. I was able to locate through their official forums, a step by step for beginners for it’s installation. Further more, I am now able to properly learn a more robust programming language and gain more exposure to MySQL. My security software and tools like it and I have no problem with it so far. It has made a harmonious transition to the culture of my particular system. I also wanted to gain a fuller understanding of WordPress.

What have I done with it so far?
So far I have successfully installed WordPress 3.1 and upgraded to 3.1.1 and Joomla 1.5x stable version.I’ve been able to change themes and create posts in WordPress. Since I have just installed Joomla, I’m still in the evaluation processes of it. From my exposure so far, my personal opinion, it’s better for the sharing of information.

Closing remarks: I’d like to thank the community at WampServer forums and JLBN for all their continued support. If anyone is interested in WampServer check out the english version here: WampServer English
or maybe you may like to check out JLBN here: JLBN Guides

Please remember to download the software from the official sites and always have proper security measures in place as software does not provide these. 


Upcoming Reviews

Just dropping by to tell you what I’m currently reviewing.

First there is WAMPServer which is behaving great on my system, SO FAR. Apache/MySQL/php seems to all be behaving.

And then I’ve recently gotten Skype.

Still reviewing those but in the mean time I’m going to take a step back to some other great software that may be of interest.

I call it my free-mini Dreamweaver and people take it for just another I-got-it-with-the-system-software

Also I’m hoping to cover some of the best security software that I’ve come across.

That’s about all for now.



Web browsers

Since my very first blog entry back in 2009-2010, I had intended to write a review on web browsers. So here it is.

I’ll start off with IE
Internet Explorer Icon
Internet Explorer besides being a Microsoft Product was my first exposure to web browsers. I had IE6 and it give acceptable performance. My appreciation of that version grew with my expanding knowledge of computer and the Internet.I lauded it as a success, when initially, it was the only browser which correctly displayed my website for one of my final year projects.  Since then I have upgraded to IE 8 (a tabbed browser) and after adjusting options to suit, it worked well.  I now use it side by side with my current browser. It makes an excellent testing environment seeing that most software try to make their products Microsoft Compliant and accessible to as much people as possible.  Some websites are also non-accessible unless you use IE.

Firefox (FFor ff)
firefox image
I first was introduced to firefox version 3.5  some years ago. It was a nice upgrade from my then IE 6. Tabbed Browsers so there was no longer a need for me to open multiple windows;an option to save all my open pages and it also afforded me the opportunity to import my existing history,cookies etc from my previous browser.  What I found most uplifting with Firefox is that I now had the ability to pause and resume multiple downloads without having the task bar filled up with pages or the group window showing that I had 6 pages up.  This was a dream come true.
As for security, there were more, better security practices involved plus it interfaced well with my anti-virus which would scan downloads before they were placed in the system.

As with all programs, there are teething problems. I remember when version 3.6 first updated, it conflicted with msn, my antivirus (disabling certain add-ons) and some other websites.  I downgraded to version 3.5 and by the time I upgraded to 3.6 for the second time, the problem was fixed.


opera web browser image
The review on this one is going to be quite short seeing that I only had a brief experience with it.  It was in general a pretty good software which give decent performance  on my then current system (Windows XP, 512 MB RAM, 80GB HD space) . However there were some sites which could not be accessed with Opera.

Google Chrome

Another shorty for the history books. I remember installing this software on my system and on one running Vista. The first thing that I noticed straight off was a slow down with the system. Although it looked quite pretty, I found the performance sucked a little. Besides not being able to visit certain websites, it did not provide a good testing environment for a web 2.0 Website that I was working on. There was also conflicts with certain add-ons and off course it was sucking up a massive amount of memory.

These conclude my review on web browsers. I may or may not add to this list but if you know of one that you would like me to check out feel free to contact me.


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