Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Hey all,

Well in an attempt to familiarize myself with Windows 7, I took a look at Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 . Initially I thought it would have been impossible to locate one capable of working my XP seeing that the Virtual PC was made for versions of Windows 7. Thankfully though, one of the comments from the step-by-step I was following, provided a wonderful link for this software.

So using this and Windows 7 Pro combined with my past knowledge of similar setups and certain steps in the article, I was able to make a successful installation. I am yet to go back to the article comments and read how to get the internet to work.

Other than that, it works really well. The information is quite understandable. In the beginning I immediately knew after first launch that I had to increase the 128 MB of memory seeing that it popped up and not only stated the technical information but also plain text information letting my know that I needed more memory.

In closing, I’d like to thank Ian from Windows 7 Forums and all the comments, in particular, Fire Cat. (If you see this, thank you so very much and I did not receive any error such as wrong version). I’d also like to thank My Digital Life (and yes they are legit)




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