Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hello Friends

Welcome one and all to my blog.  As this blog covers my personal views on the performance of software , I believe that it is fitting that I start with this one, WordPress.

This has been my first hands-on introduction to a WordPress Blog. Due to the current set-up of my system however, I opted to let it be an online version instead. So far I like the interface seeing that it’s clean; the colors are inviting and warm; the ability to add plug-ins and a wide variety of options for both myself and users; there’s even the ability to import in my Blogger posts which I find totally amazing.

WordPress has also given me the option to upload my own banner which I am working on as I write this. The familiarity of it is inviting for users who have been using other blogging facilities for a while.  I am yet to delve into the other areas of the WordPress Interface, but so far: La vie est bonne (life is good). 🙂