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Quick Tutorials: Exporting a Query from Ms Access 2003 /2007

Taking into consideration that the tables and queries are done:
  1. If the query is not closed, close it.
  2. Right click on the query and click “Export”
  3. A Dialog Box will appear asking where to export the specific named query to. Locate where you want to place the exported file then
  4. Go to the “Save as type” drop down and select the “Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (*.xls)” option first (or whatever version you are using)
  5. The name of the query should automatically pop up in the “file name” box.
  6. Click to check the box next door to “save formatted”
  7. At this point if you are going to directly work on the file then you also click in the check box for it to “Auto start”
  8. Clicking “Export” would then automatically bring up the exported Excel file after which you are free to select your information and create your charts.


For more tutorials like this please feel free to visit I.T University Resources by click ing the link under Bookmarks located to the top right of the page.


Photoshop CS3

This component of the Adobe Suite is primarily used for image manipulation. As the usage suggests, you can use it for manipulation purposes which ranges from enhancement to creation of brand new images.
Q. Do you really think people’s skins are that flawless?
Q. Do you think it’s possible to remain a size 0 from head to foot for the last 10 years?

If your answer to those questions are yes, it’s time to wake up. There are certain areas no matter how rigorous training is done, that will still grow. And Photoshop fixes all of that.

In general, these are the various ways I use this software:

  • Various effects can can be used on any image.
  • Multiple images can be spliced together to create a Collage
  • Soften the edges of images
  • Create logos
  • Create Websites
  • Create Master pages
  • Work done can be imported into Adobe Illustrator (another component of the suite compatible with Photoshop) so that text could be manipulated further

And that’s about it.