Introduction About Application Usage

There are only certain things that experience can teach. I have decided to share my experiences. After all it was someone else s experiences who was responsible for me being able to have experiences in the first place.
Here are  rules in general that can save you a lot of headache in the usage of ANY Application.
  • Find software or alternatives that are compatible with your Operating System. RAM or GBs will not matter if the OS is incompatible.
  • Ensure that the application has some type of help support especially if you are new to the software
  • Make ABSOLUTELY sure that you have the required SPACE (hard drive capacity measured in Gb ) and MEMORY(called RAM, measured in GHz (gigahertz))to accommodate the software (whether it’s in use or not). There should be a link concerning system requirements somewhere on the website or the requirements may be Google d.   . Sometimes based on the software, an appropriate graphics card may also be needed.
  • If possible, also make sure that the software is known to your firewall and security software otherwise it may result in  lost functionality at the protocols of  one or both aforementioned parties.

That’s about all I can think of for now

There is saying that goes “…there is the easy way,the hard way and the tragic way. the easy way is learning from the mistakes of others, the hard way is learning from your own mistakes but the tragic way is not learning from either. “

If you have found the information provided here helpful in any way, all that I ask is that the blog article is referenced and if possible you share your stroke of luck with your neighbor. Any copyrighted material mentioned belong to their respective owners and NOT TO ME.


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